Monday, May 11, 2009

A Satisfying Finish ~

love this quilt!

I've been saving these fabrics for more than a few years knowing that I wanted to make a scrap quilt using these colorways.

Then a year ago I started cutting into the fabrics thinking I would make a scrappy mountain majesty quilt. But, I needed to stop so I could pack for my move to California.

Then I hit the wall, once here, and was in a creative slump and little depression.

Finally, I pulled the pieces out and thought about it a while and changed my mind. I wanted a zig zag quilt.

More cutting and playing around with the fabrics....trying some and then setting them aside. This is the result.

My cousin Ted who is a fine artist who loves to tease me and always asks if I'm still making "those pot-holders" will get this one.

Pot holder? I don't think so.

This fabric is my favorite. It has script which I can't read (is it me in my old age or is that how it was designed?) and scattered throughout are some images. I love the horse. I hope it will remind Ted of our Grandparent's farm.



WOWZA! That is a real Beauty Susan! LOVE IT!!

jovaliquilts said...

This is a GORGEOUS quilt!! I love it! Very elegant. And I agree that it's a wonderful fabric.

linda said...

Lady, I am loving this quilt! Amazing!

YankeeQuilter said...

Beautiful quilt...loving that horse fabric!

supa said...

this quilt is gorgeous. I love it.