Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Buddies, Part Deux

Victoria, whose blog "Bumblebeans" has had me loving her long time...lol...she quilts, lives the life I've fantasized in a fabulous NYC Loft, has her own Harley (and rides!) and generally is a joyous spirit. She has music on her blog with a new artist and playlist every week, so she is introducing me to music I mightn't have ever heard without this thoughtful feature. There's a delay to the start up of the music, though, and I've been startled into full wakefulness when it comes on while I'm reading. Her quilts reflect her own sense of playfulness and confidence in her style sensibilities. I love that they are an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary.

Victoria also appreciates good food (see I told you we were kindred
spirits!) and has another blog ~ "Try This Yourself", an anthology of home made food. There are some interesting recipes there, and last night I had guests over and served them 2 dishes I got from her blog. Cassoulet (from Jacques Pepin) andCarmelized Brussel Sprouts.

Both of those dishes were to die for!! Trust me. Thanks Victoria!

In addition, I tried out Rustic Artisan Bread with a recipe from Ann who is in my quilt group in Boone, NC. Even though I'm clear over on the left coast now, I still consider myself a member of that group......those quilty girlz are the best! The bread was a hit, and while it didn't raise up as much as I'd anticipated, it was crusty and good! It was easy and I can see myself making this again and again. Thanks Ann!

We had a spinach salad with vinegar and oil dressing, and for desert we enjoyed a selection of sorbet from Ciao Bella ~ Passionfruit, Mango, Lemon, and my favorite Blood Orange.

It was heavenly. Great company, good food, and lively conversation. Ann and Victoria were there in spirit ~ their contribution to our evening's pleasure evident in our satisfied smiles.

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