Monday, June 4, 2007

Okay, now I'm starting, for real

I had a million little things to do this morning, but had to check email before my body would obey and get in motion. I love to read blogs of other quilters and have thought maybe I'd do one, but never quite got started. So today, when I absolutely have to be somewhere at 10:30 and have not yet brushed my teeth or showered or dressed or made the bed....what do I do? Start putting together a blog...yep, that would be me! Love that pressure!

So, I got a start on it, and still have a bunch of stuff to figure out so will be working on it. Meanwhile, I made my appointment, got a pedicure afterwards, stopped by the quilt shop where my friend Melissa is teaching her first quilting class...YOU GO GIRL!!...and bought 3 little pieces of fabric (Denise Schmidt, Flea Market Fancy line...yum!).

2 Packages of fabric were waiting for me in the mail today....wa-hoooooooooo! It's a great day.

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