Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Wednesday...

I've been sewing, but as you can see I haven't been blogging...LOL. I can't multitask and when the spirit moves me to sew, well, I sew!

My telephone and digital camera all bit the dust at the same time last week, so needed to get a new phone and learn how to use it (why does something so simple as a telephone have a manual the size of a phone book?) and get it charged up so I could use it. The digital camera is still in the box...yikes! That's gonna be a longer learning curve.

Meanwhile I got the little attic windows quilt with butterflies pieced and quilted and am waiting to do the handstitching on the binding. Then, last week at the Wednesday "quilty girlz" group, I got a wild hair and needed a shot of strong color cause all those pastelly butterflies had worn me out, so I came home determined to make a Hidden Wells quilt. I got it pieced, borders on, sandwiched, and quilted and it too is waiting to have binding handfinished.

I took it with me to my Wednesday group today. There are more women showing up each week. The summer folks who come up to the high country from Florida are here now and there are several returning girlz. We had lots of show and tell today and lots of chatter and giggles. I really enjoy Wednesdays.

One of the message boards I post to, had a link to Quilt Artist Jane Blair's website and so I scooted over there to take a look as I was unfamiliar with the name, but was so happy to see a familiar quilt there.

Years ago, I saw one of these quilts (Marisco) in a magazine and thought to myself that one day I might like to learn to quilt. I think it was the first time I thought of quilting as art, rather than just a homemaking skill that my grandmother did. That quilt is now in a museum and Jane Blair has been a very prolific quilter of extraordinary skill and design sensibility ~ she is 81 and you won't find calico anywhere!~ Loved reading this.

Tomorrow, my friend Melissa and I take off on a road trip! Yep, gonna go to the big city of Hickory (giggle giggle) to make a raid on Target! I haven't been since I moved to NC and the closest Target Store is in Hickory....**sigh**. It will be big fun and we are excited ~ off the mountain we go.

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