Friday, October 2, 2009

Eenie Meenie BumbleBeenie

I love getting envelopes in the mail from NY, NY!

That is where the lovely V (of Bumblebeans blog) lives. She's assembled another group of quilters to do a quilt for charity and the fabrics arrived today. YAY!!! Now, just to put the old thinking cap on and see what I can come up with.

Also in the package was a little itsy-bitsy quilt she says is a mat for my tea cup or coffee mug. Oh man, I'm not sitting any hot liquids on it ~~ I think it's going on the wall in my sewing room. I love it. Thanks V, my heart is glad.

I love it especially because it has one of her favorite fabrics (see the turquoise flower?). I've seen it in many of her quilts and she must be running out of it, which makes it so precious to me. It reminds me of Mexico.

I'm supposed to be photographing and listing stuff to sell on Craigslist in prep for my move next month.
I'm supposed to be working on my cousin's pillow covers.
I'm supposed to be making a gazillion decisions on what to take or what to sell.

But guess what I'll be doing? LOL